About Bohemee Second Hand group in Facebook

This group was created for people living in different parts of the world who are united by love for art and design, stylish and unic things. All members of the group can buy and sell boho-chic, glamour, retro and vintage styles clothes, accessories and home decors. All these styles can be creatively mixed among themselves and thereby achieve individuality and charm. Welcome! There are rules in the group, please read them and follow them.

Please note the following guidelines:

– Please post a photo and a full description of the item you are selling, where you are located, country and city, and asking price!

– Please post photo in a “Buy and sell” section by “Sell” option best describing your item for sale.
– If you have a question about the item – comment on the photo or privately message the seller.
– Please exchange contact information and pick-up times via PRIVATE message (“pm”).
– NO spam  please – they will be removed and blocked.
– If your item is reserved – please edit the photo description as “Reserved” and once sold, please remove photo.
– And finally – please be honorable and pay the person according to your agreement made and have fun!

* Bohemee Second Hand admins do not hold any responsibility for any items that may come to you damaged via post or any failed sales.

©2021 Bohemee by Gala


If you do not know how to register in Bohemee or you have something else in mind, you can send a message to our customer service. We will reply to you by email.

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