Got an audience?

Clue ‘em in to Bohemee. They get to shop awesome stuff designed by independent artists. You get a cut of each sale. The artists make money, too. Everybody’s happy. Everybody wins. Let’s do this.

Wanted: Bohemee Affiliates / Sellers

Easy Signup

With a simple application process it’s all aboard the bullet train to Earningtown.

Potent Promotions

Choose the products that click with your audience, use our gorgeous creative assets, and take advantage of our lively promo calendar. Boom.

Sweet Rewards

Earn up to 20% commission plus bonus incentive opportunities. Wow, right?


Do you want a fun extra job, can afford to extend maternity leave or just try something new?

We are looking for sellers for our women’s clothes that are sold at Bohemee parties.

As a seller at Bohemee, you get:

• 20% commission on what you sell without taxes.

• 10% discount on clothes for you and your family.


What do you do as a salesperson?

• You book the Bohemee parties you want yourself.

• You book each Bohemee party with a hostess who invites her friends.

• At Bohemee parties, you show the clothes collection that you rent or buy from us.

• You are the Bohemee party’s personal seller and help guests choose the right size and find clothes that fit together.

Why should you work as a Bohemee salesperson?

• You control your own working hours

• You are guided and receive continuous training from our good sales coaches.

• You get a discount on our nice clothes.

• The clothes from Bohemee are made to last a long time.

We know that the clothing industry can be harmful to the environment, so we in Bohemee do what we can for a greener and better planet!



An affiliate is someone who posts links to Bohemee on their website, blog, mobile app, or other digital channels. If anyone from that audience buys anything through those links, the affiliate gets some of that money.

Submit your application via the form below!

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If you do not know how to register in Bohemee or you have something else in mind, you can send a message to our customer service. We will reply to you by email.

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